Adopting a cat from abroad

So since we’ve gotten settled in our amazing apartment and have gotten comfortable here, we’ve agreed to adopt a cat! By agreed, I mean Alex has finally given in to my pleas. 😉 Anyways, I’ve been researching and I’ve discovered a rescue which brings cats from abroad like Russia, Romania,  Ukraine,  etc. It’s a great organization run by a woman named Mariam Wagner and today I had a meeting with one of her volunteers! So before that I had to fill out a short and basic information questionnaire and today, Birgit came to our apartment and we had a cup of tea. We chatted about animals, work, life, everything and it was really nice. She was an older lady and very sweet. So far this process has been very pleasant! So in January we will hopefully be welcoming a little furry friend into our home! I’ve already set my heart on a pretty 3 year old Ukranian tortoiseshell. So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well! And meet Oscha:




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