An important person in my life

So I’d like to write a post about an important person in my life. This person has taught me patience, kindness and the true meaning of love.

We first met several years ago and my former university. I remember seeing him walking through the cafeteria with his best friend. Now to know how I really remember the first time I laid eyes on him, you first must know that his best friend starred in a promotional video which was sent to every incoming student. Wanting to be prepared, I had probably seen this video a half a dozen times! Anyways, he was hanging with an on campus “celebrity” and I remember noticing him within the first week of university.

Now, it’s disappointing but now we need to fast forward to my second semester of my second year. Of course nothing had become of us yet. The most I can say we were was fellow pupils studying the same degree. (Him – masters; me – bachelor’s)

I won’t say I was a great student, because that would be a lie. There was however a logistics professor who happened to be my academic advisor whom I respected greatly. I don’t think I missed a single class and even decided to go to the tutorials. Of all the things in my life I could remember,  my brain chose to remember that first tutorial with Alex. I was infatuated almost immediately.  He was so smart and patient and humble. Normally the tutorials are hosted by egotistical grad students who think they’re suddenly a professor because they are getting paid to host homework sessions in the evenings on campus for undergrad students.

Not him.

He seemed confident yet shy.  He knew what he was talking about and when there was a question he couldn’t answer, he would come back the next week and bring it up again for discussion with an answer. I was impressed at his attentiveness. 

At the time, I was in an on – off relationship with another guy and it was headed towards off again. Once it was officially off, I went out with my friends to the on-campus bar and saw him there. Being a bit tipsy as I was, I thought I might give a shot at flirting just a bit. After a few minutes of chatting, the last words were, “I’m going to let you get back to your friends now”.


Although I was a bit embarrassed,  I didn’t let it get the best of me and carried out my night dancing with friends and enjoying the freedom from classes. Years later, I’ll still never forget getting flat out shut down after a few minutes of chatting. I didn’t cease jokingly mentioning how hot my TA (teaching assistant) was.

Life does go on. I finished up my second year and hopped right into the third and final year while he graduated and moved to the nearby larger city about 2 hours away. Remember the off and on guy from earlier? It was back on and slipping towards forever off again. He had switched universities and moved to another country and things were looking pretty dim. He did come to visit during the first semester though to check out the yearly campus Olympics. So did Alex.  The first time that weekend we saw each other was at the nearby grocery store. I was with my friends and he was with his, both buying alcohol for the weekend to come. He greeted me with a hug like familiar old friends. It is common amongst students from the University to be friendly with one another. My friends gladly made comments and joked with me about my old crush.

We stumbled across one another several times over the course of the weekend but aside from some friendly chatting, we didn’t really connect much. A few months later, my best friend, along with a few other friends have a birthday in the beginning of November. He does too. My group of friends had the brilliant idea to take the train to the nearby large city.

His friends did too.

Long story short – nothing happened aside from all of us running into each other, drunk, and hugging. It was a brief encounter and I may or may not have sent a drunk Facebook message saying happy birthday with some gibberish mixed in.

He replied.

And that’s how it went. Our messages got more intense over the next weeks until he asked me on a date.

And that’s when the story of him and I became the story of us.

I never thought I’d be treated like a princess every single day. I can only hope it never ends.



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