I haven’t suffered from poor skin my whole life. Of course there have been breakouts and ups and downs but for the past year or so, things have only gotten worse. After many different attempts with face washes, creams, lotions, etc., I decided to visit a dermatologist. Since having public health insurance,  it limits a little bit the choice of when and who you can go to. That’s why I decided to visit a private doctor.

He prescribed me isotretinoin, I had a blood test and signed a document promising that I wouldn’t get pregnant. The dosage is seemingly low, I switch every second day between 10mg and 20mg. According to the doctor, I’ll be on the drug for 8 months. A large expense, but hopefully it will be worth it!

I’m currently on day 4 and haven’t had any serious symptoms yet. My eyes have felt drier than usual and my lenses are sometimes uncomfortable but it hasn’t been a real problem.

Here are some before pictures for your pleasure.



Hopefully by the end of this, those red spots will be gone!


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