5 Steps to Determining What You Want

After every major event or year cycle, we are pressured and inspired somehow to look at our lives and consider what we really want. A new car? The latest iPhone?

But what about our goals? What we really truly want in life?

Imagine it’s the end of your life tomorrow and the person you are will meet the person you could have become.

A bit grim isn’t it? To imagine the things you could have done differently. Who would you want that person looking back at you to be?

Deciding who you want to be and what you sincerely want out of life sets the foundation for what you can do to take action to be your best self.

5 steps to determining what your goals are:

Step 1: Start by considering what your dreams are or even were as a child. Perhaps it was to become a star athlete or a famous chef. Maybe your goals were to be CEO of a company or a famous actress.Start really dreaming! Have you always had a passion for photography? Or paintings? Maybe you always wanted to be a veterinarian! No matter how outrageous it may seem, there is a reason behind these inspirations and we’ll get to that later.

Write it all down.

Step 2: Visualize yourself in this role. What about it brings satisfaction? Did you want to become a doctor because you love helping people? Or was it because someone you knew was sick and you felt helpless?

Can you visualize it? Can you feel why you want what you’ve written in step 1? Write it down.

Step 3: What has held you back from realizing your wildest dream? Did a parent tell you that business was a more stable career option? Was the thought of studying for 6 years too extreme? Maybe you were criticized for your singing growing up or called a nerd when your passion for painting was blossoming.

Fear is an incredibly powerful thing and most of the time, the fears which have been holding us back are not as large as we had imagined.

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” – Sven Eriksson

Write down all of your fears to take the first step towards achieving your dream. Maybe that fear is that your spouse won’t support you or you won’t have enough time to commit. What’s holding you back?  Write it down.

Step 4: Go through your list of fears. Consider how you can overcome these obstacles or why the fears do not make sense. Search the Internet for success stories. Sit down and watch the Pursuit of Happiness. You’ll start to realize that the fears which have been holding you back are just fears, not dangers.

“You’ve got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t go doing somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’ go get it. Period.” – Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness)

Step 5: Define the 1st step.

Maybe you want to become a doctor but you don’t have a degree. Why did you want to become a doctor?  Was it because you wanted to help people? Can you start there? Volunteering at a nursing home or spending time fund-raising for a local homeless shelter might be a great first step.

Regardless of your dream you need to start planning how to get there. In the upcoming posts we will continue to help go through the steps of not only determining your dreams but helping you make them happen.


“Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.”





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