Start Chasing

In the last post, we discussed one of the most difficult things to do – deciding on what you want. Narrowing down the all the ideas in life isn’t exactly an easy task, but what can be even more difficult is actually starting.

The first step towards achieving a goal is typically the hardest. Have you ever wanted to get in shape and decided to sign up for the gym? Did you even get that far?

Of course, an initial investment is a way to start, although hesitation could take over. Remember, eliminating fear is the only way to achieve your goals and dreams. If your hesitation stems from someone else’s doubts, remember who you are doing this for!

In order to start this process, you should already have a goal in mind. We’re going to start this entire process the “Initiation” phase. What do we do in the initiation phase?


Start doing your research. Start to answer the following questions:

What are alternates or similar goals?

What opportunities are out there?

How have others achieved similar goals?

Which steps should I take to achieve my goal?

Ultimately, you should by the end of your research be able to define achievable milestones to create a path of success.

For example, if your goal or dream is to have your own TV show, start researching how others have done it. Begin looking for the steps to get there. Is getting on a reality TV show close to what you have in mind? Commercials? YouTube channel? You’ll start to get the drift.

You already know the dream, so start defining the path forward. Reach out to friends and family members if you find that helpful. Maybe it means reaching out to cousin Earl about his ex-girlfriend’s time on American Idol. Do the research and put in the time.

This will start to become a reality check on the amount of work typically required to achieve your dream!

Don’t get discouraged, others before you have achieved more than you can imagine. Let their success catapult you onto yours.






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