Label Me Organized

The biggest compliment I’ve received lately was that my boss had the impression that I was extremely organized. Considering I’m the type of person who forgets if I unplugged the iron once I get to the office and my best friend forces me to clean out my handbag whenever we get together, I guess I’m doing something right! Let’s have a look into how I keep up impressions and how you can get labeled as organized!

Write things down

Keeping a notebook handy or getting into the habit of keeping notes on your smartphone is a great way to track everything. (Do you see a common theme in most posts yet?) Documenting all the things you need to do rather than relying on memory reduces the amount of time and energy spent on racking your brain when thinking of what to do next.

Do it now

Start immediately with the easy things. Just like cleaning while cooking, organizing as you go along will immensely reduce the amount of clean-up work later on. Utilizing the momentum you already have is the best way to ensure that you’ll complete the tasks at hand. Referring to your notebook or “to do” list is also a great way to keep the motivation high!

Create a place for everything

If everything has a home, you’ll never waste time searching for it or looking for the best place to put it. This organizational trick is very common amongst chefs, who cannot waste time while preparing complicated dishes.

The initial groundwork for finding the right spot for everything in your life might seem tough at first, but in the end can be totally worth it! Start with keeping all your socks in a specified sock drawer and work your way up to your entire closet. This is the same with folders on your computer, the more fixed a location is, the less time you’ll spend searching for it!

If you already have it or something similar, don’t buy it

Avoid duplicating things in your life. If you don’t need it: don’t buy it, don’t create it, don’t have it. The unnecessary clutter will leave you feeling suffocated and disorganized. The less to do, the easier the maintenance.

There’s an app for that

Find an app to help you out! There are apps now for almost anything you can think of. Want to keep all of your passwords in one place? Need a reminder for your to do list? Need to keep inventory on what you need? Want to share your to do list with a partner? Search around your app store, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Take time to do it regularly

Most importantly, stay on track of things. Try to keep a weekly reminder to reorganize a certain section of your life. Do what works for you. On Sundays, I clean the house. On Tuesdays I look at all of my projects from a high level. On Thursdays I check my finances. Find a day of the week (or month) to review and simply think about what needs to be done, and circle back to putting in your notes for your to do list!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” – Benjamin Franklin


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