Minimal Inspiration

Today of all days is a Tuesday. Tuesdays aren’t typically special in any ways but this Tuesday has me questioning everything.

My new boss came to ask me a quick question in the afternoon which struck up a simple conversation. Someway – somehow, he told me the story of how he had traveled the world for 2 years at the age of 24. I won’t get into details because it’s not my story to tell however, it really got me inspired.

Combine with the recent travel I’ve done for work. Combine with the travel I’ve done over the weekend during business trips. Combine with having a best friend who backpacked around the world after graduating high school before we met. Combine with another friend currently backpacking the world. Combine with the recent articles I’ve read about solopreneur and digital nomad. Combine with my current restlessness.

This Tuesday might just be a day that skids my current path into a complete change.

This Tuesday might be the first of many Tuesdays of me planning a future that I look forward to.

“Imagine your life is perfect in every respect; what would it look like?”



via Daily Prompt: Minimal


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